Build chat bots with blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

This document answers frequently-asked questions about Piecewise.


Why aren’t blocks connecting?

In order to connect, connecting blocks must output the type the incoming block is expecting. For example - send message to (to) with content (content) with components (interaction) expects that the option “to” be a user, channel, or message. Trying to connect blocks of any other type will not work.

Additionally, trying to compare two different outputs using the (obj1) = (obj2) block will result in the newest block being disconnected.

use content of message

Why can’t I resize the window?

Due to a Chrome or Blockly bug I have yet to investigate, resizing the window breaks inactive workspaces. You can set the size of the window at any time under Piecewise -> Preferences. You can also enable window resizing anyway through this window.

I found a bug!

Oh no! Please report it by clicking the Submit Feedback button at the top right corner. Include an in-depth description of the problem, your Piecewise logs, and a screenshot of the workspace, if necessary.

Any block I drag on to the workspace is yellow and has stripes through it! What does that mean?

In order for a block to be used, it must be inside a root block - a block that has no connections on top or bottom. Usually you’re looking for “when (action) do” blocks - you can find these under the “Events” category of each provider.

You shouldn’t manually force-enable these blocks that were disabled by the editor - that will create new and confusing errors.


How do I run my bot 24/7?

You can either keep your computer on 24/7, or deploy your bot to a server. The README.md included with your exported bot has tips and instructions on doing the latter.

My bot is never showing up as online! What’s happening?

Make sure you have exactly one of each type of configuration block, i.e. the Discord configuration block, in one of your workspaces. Also check that any tokens are correct. Please note that Piecewise does not support Discord self/user bots.

Do exported Piecewise bots run in bun?

No, they do not. I haven’t done much testing, but this appears to be an issue with a third-party library, rather than bun or Piecewise.


How do you get the Steal achievement?

You have to steal something.