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Steam Workshop

If you own a copy of Piecewise on Steam (21.12.0+), you have access to the Steam Workshop, a community-oriented area of the Steam Community where users can create, share, and use extension blocks, templates, and styles.

Please note: Piecewise Labs is not responsible or liable for any third-party content posted on the Steam Workshop. To report content, click the flag on the Workshop page.

Using Workshop Content

To find new Workshop content, navigate to Piecewise’s Steam Community, then click “Workshop” in the top bar (or click “Steam -> Browse the Steam Workshop…"). The resulting page will give you a listing of the content currently available for Piecewise.

To view more details, click the Workshop item tile. Then, if the addon is appealing to you, you can click the “Subscribe” button. The Workshop content you just subscribed to will be downloaded the next time you restart Piecewise.

If you no longer wish to use a particular Workshop item, you can unsubscribe from it the same way you subscribed to it. However, please note that any content that was installed with the addon will no longer be available - including blocks - which may render projects unable to open.

Creating Workshop Content

If you’d like to share content with the community, the first step is creating it. Guides are available for extension blocks and styles. Templates are project files saved with the “.pwt” extension. Uploaded Workshop content can be any or all of these.

Content uploaded to the Workshop must not be malicious and must not infringe on the rights of others. Piecewise Labs reserves the right to review and remove any Workshop content at any time, and for any reason.

To share your creations, make sure your created addons are installed (saved to the addons folder), and then click “Steam -> Workshop item uploader…”. You’ll be prompted for all of the following, which are required:

  1. If you are updating an existing item, the item you are updating.
  2. Your item’s name.
  3. A short description of your item.
  4. A preview image. Preview images must be JPG files, and the best preview images are square and 512x512px.
  5. The files to upload. You can select any .js, .css, or .pwt file from the addons directory.
  6. An attestation that the content that you are uploading follows the guidelines stated above.
  7. An attestation that you agree to the Steam Workshop Legal Agreement, Steam Subscriber Agreement, and Piecewise End User License Agreement.

Once you have completed the form, Piecewise will upload the content to the Workshop as a PWAX archive and offer it publicly via the Steam Workshop page. Updated addons will be downloaded the next time an end user opens Piecewise.