Build chat bots with blocks

send message to (to) with content (content) with components (interaction) as (as) (suppress_embeds) suppress embeds

In Discord → Messages

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Send a message or embed to a user, a channel, or as a reply to another message. See documentation for more information.

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
to user OR channel OR message The target of the message. Specifying a user will send the message to their DMs. Specifying a channel will send the message to the indicated channel. Specifying a message will send it as a reply to the indicated message.
content Array OR String OR Number OR Boolean OR sticker OR attachment OR user OR channel OR embed The content of this message. It can be any of the types specified in the documentation, or a list of multiple items of the types specified in the documentation. Discord types will be automatically turned into mentionables, if possible.
interaction interaction OR Array An interactible or a list of interactibles to attach to this message.
as author OR user Experimental: send the message ‘as’ this user or author. Throws an error if the bot does not have permission to Manage Webhooks, or if the target is, or is in, a DM channel.
suppress_embeds any If true, Discord will suppress link embeds for this message.


void - This is a statement with no outputs