Build chat bots with blocks

log in (user_id) and (logon_type) (token) (ignore_me) ignore my own actions (ignore_verification) ignore encryption verification warnings

In Matrix → Configuration

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Log on to Matrix with the specified homeserver. For more info about tokens, see https://t2bot.io/docs/access_tokens/. For more info about enabling end-to-end encryption for your bot, visit https://doc.piecewise.im/tutorials/matrix_encryption/.


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
user_id any ?
logon_type any The authentication method to use.
token any ?
ignore_me any Whether to ignore events sent by the bot user in event listeners.
ignore_verification any Whether to ignore E2E verification warnings in encrypted rooms that contain unverified devices. If this is unchecked, messages to encrypted rooms that contain unverified users will not be delivered and a warning will be emitted to the console.


void - This is a statement with no outputs