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🗣️ (type) input with label (label) with ID (id) with placeholder (placeholder) with minimum length (min) with maximum length (max) with initial value (initial) (required) required?

In Discord → Interactions → Modals

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A field on a modal that can be filled out by the user.


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
type any The type of input to show. Short text is a single line of text, paragraph is a multi-line text box.
label String Text that labels this input.
id String The ID of the input. This is used to identify the input when the user submits the modal.
placeholder String The placeholder text to show when the input is empty.
min Number The minimum length of the input.
max Number The maximum length of the input.
initial String The initial value of the input.
required any Whether this input is required to be filled out in order to submit the form.


modal field - The field that was created.