Build chat bots with blocks

🗣️ create interactible button with label (label) color (type) emoji (emoji) enabled? (enabled) with custom ID (id)

In Discord → Interactions → Buttons

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Add a clickable button to a message.

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
label String The text to show on this button. At least an emoji or a label must be supplied.
type any The type of button to show - this mainly determines its color.

button lineup
emoji emoji An emoji to attach to this button. At least emoji or a label must be specified.

button with emoji
enabled Boolean Whether this button is clickable
id String The ID to assign to this button. It can be checked later in a “interaction added” event using the ID of interaction and 🔔 interaction blocks.


interaction - The button, built to specifications.