Build chat bots with blocks

🗣️ create interactible button with label (label) color (type) emoji (emoji) enabled? (enabled) do (statements)

In Discord → Interactions → Buttons

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Add a clickable button to a message.

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
label String The text to show on this button. At least an emoji or a label must be supplied.
type any The type of button to show - this mainly determines its color.

button lineup
emoji emoji An emoji to attach to this button. At least emoji or a label must be specified.

button with emoji
enabled Boolean Whether this button is clickable
statements statements… The statements to execute when this button is clicked. These will not execute if the bot is restarted; use create button with ID instead.


interaction - The button, built to specifications.