Build chat bots with blocks

🔔 user

In Discord → Events

Jump to block

The user that is the target of this event.

Only valid in: 🔔 when (event) do (statement), discord command create, discord interaction button, discord interaction dropdown, discord chat command

Only valid in events: message, message deleted, reaction added, reaction removed, message updated, message pinned, voice left, voice joined, voice server deafened, voice server undeafened, voice server muted, voice server unmuted, voice self deafened, voice self undeafened, voice self muted, voice self unmuted, voice video started, voice video stopped, voice stream started, voice stream stopped, voice joined, voice left, role added, role removed, thread leave, thread join, member joined, member left, interactible, typing start

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


user - The user that is the target of this event.