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send embed paginator to channel (target) with content (content) with pages (pages) with next emoji (next) with previous emoji (previous) with timeout (timeout)

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Send an embed paginator to a user, a channel, or as a reply to another message. Embed paginators create a menu a user can scroll through using reactions. See documentation for more information.

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
target channel OR user OR message The target to send the embed paginator to (a user, a channel, or a message). Works the same as send message to….
content Array OR String OR Number OR Boolean OR sticker OR attachment OR user OR channel OR embed The static content of the embed paginator. This will not change as the user interacts with the paginator.
pages Array The pages of the embed paginator.
next emoji The emoji to use for the next page.
previous emoji The emoji to use for the previous page.
timeout time The amount of time to wait before closing the embed paginator.


void - This is a statement with no outputs