Build chat bots with blocks

rich embed with title (title) with description (description) with URL (url) with author (author) with image URL (image_url) with thumbnail URL (thumbnail_url) with color (color) with footer (footer) with footer logo (footer_logo) with timestamp (timestamp)

In Discord → Messages

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Specifies a Discord Rich Embed. Empty values represent defaults.

Requires the following blocks to be present in the project: discord login


Parameter name Parameter type Required? Description
title String The title of the embed. (default: no title)
description String The main body text/description of the embed. (default: no description)
url String The URL this embed should link to. (default: no link)
author author OR user The author to attribute this embed to. (default: no author)
image_url String The image to provide as part of this embed. Must be a HTTP(S) URL. (default: no image)
thumbnail_url String A ‘thumbnail’ to provide as part of this embed. (default: no thumbnail)
color Colour An accent color for this embed. (default: black)
footer String The footer for this embed. (default: no bottom text)
String The logo in the footer for this embed. Must be a HTTP(S) URL. (default: no bottom logo)
timestamp date A timestamp for this embed. (default: no timestamp)


embed - The embed, built to specifications.